A first step toward maintaining

high-performance human capital

Our business services yield several key benefits such as lower rates of absenteeism, better human resource management, and improved employee productivity at work. Our prevention programs and customized action plans which focus on patient health issues make Groupe Médical Lacroix a choice partner for your well-being and that of your employees.


By making employee health your top priority, you will notice a return on investment that will result in an overall increase in team motivation, better use of time, and higher profitability.


Groupe Médical Lacroix works with prevention mutuals, insurance companies, law firms, government organizations, and businesses to assist them with the health of their workers.



Cliniques Médicales Lacroix represent a vast network of private clinics with fast access, and values a human approach to your health. We provide a warm, friendly atmosphere for our patients, which sets Cliniques Médicales Lacroix apart in the provision of private health care, both for families as well as for companies concerned with the health and well-being their staff.

In addition to ensuring a timely medical appointment when you need it, our holistic health care practice allows us to efficiently address the various issues you face. Over and above the wide availability of our doctors, we pay considerable attention to prevention and to making healthy lifestyle choices for the benefit of our patients.


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