Medical opinion

Tips and advice

from independent experts

Medical opinion is intended to inform a third party and is usually meant to assist with resolving a dispute or to allow a decision maker to exercise their judgment. Expert medical opinion can be useful in several situations within a company, namely to:


  • Clarify and issue a diagnosis;
  • Establish the date of consolidation;
  • Assess return to work date;
  • Determine functional limitations;
  • Determine permanent impairment on physical and psychological health;
  • Issue an opinion on the relationship between an injury and the cause of the accident;
  • Declare a short, medium, or long-term prognosis

An opinion designed and developed

for employers

The purpose of medical opinion is to obtain the necessary information to help the employee remain at work or determine when they will be able to return to work. This opinion is also used to obtain information on the employee’s capacities, functional limitations, and restrictions. Finally, it aims to propose appropriate solutions. This assessment is often carried out:

  • When an employee returns to work after a sick leave and his or her ability to fulfill their functions raises concerns;
  • When the medical leave exceeds biomedical standards;
  • When the disability appears to be unjustified;
  • To determine the best way to accommodate the employee’s illness, accident, or disability.

Medical opinion may also be requested by lawyers in the context of a legal dispute or for compensation purposes.


Although your doctor will brief you on the procedures, there are several ways you can prepare for an assessment with one of our expert physicians. After having completely reviewed the details on file, the first step is to appoint an expert physician according to the area of specialization required. Once your appointment is booked, you will have to draft a clear and accurate mandate with all your specific questions. If needed, you will also need to ask the health professional to sign a consent form for the medical assessment.

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